WorkOne Northern Indiana Economic Forecasting Summit, March 26, 2009:

     "Dara Duguay provided an excellent performance as moderator in a theater that included a panel of four economists and some 275 audience members. Prior to the summit, we informed Dara that our goal was to have a vibrant and compelling discussion of economic conditions, and she fulfilled this responsibility splendidly. She succeeded in producing such a top-notch discussion by asking relevant and interesting market and financial questions of the economists, yet she went beyond the call of duty by drawing some interesting personal information from each of the experts. Dara set a very nice tone for the event, and one of the economists later made a salient, empathetic remark about the difficulties facing jobless individuals, and this remark flowed very nicely from the tone set by Dara.
     "Dara provided insightful nuggets in her area of expertise of personal finance, and her overall performance in the moderator's role was very good for several reasons: 1) She opened the summit with a lively description of the overall structure for the event; 2) She brought each economist into the discussion with targeted questions regarding his or her particular expertise; 3) She moved the discussion along nicely by picking-up immediately on comments made in the theater and exploring them further; and 4) She did well in engaging audience members and seeking their questions and comments." - Kay Cochran, WorkOne


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