Consulting Services

My expertise in financial literacy is wide ranging. Below are a few of my major offerings to those seeking consulting assistance:

  • Business Strategies: Work with corporations to determine their financial literacy needs. A customized plan is then developed to meet the business and philanthropic needs of the business, including recommendations of various financial literacy paths to help guide the business in their selection.
  • Public Relations: Work with corporations, governments and non-profits to formulate a public relations plan. Whether to publicize existing "good works" or to counter negative publicity, media strategies will be customized to fit the specific needs of the client.
  • Curriculum and Collateral Development: Assess needs in the area of educational materials development. Produce materials such as Guides, Curricula, PowerPoint presentations, Blogs, Articles, Books and Website content.
  • Train-the-trainer: Create and conduct training sessions in the area of financial education. Organize all aspects of training from start to finish.
  • Public Speaking:- offer expert presentations on all financial literacy topics.
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  • Policy Development: Provide expertise in the creation of policy recommendations to government entities and international organizations working in the area of financial literacy/ financial capability. See: U.S Treasury Office of Financial Education and Financial Access Strategy

Clients include: Visa Inc., SunTrust Bank, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Experian Information Solutions, National Bankers Association Foundation, and JPMorgan Chase.

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