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You don't have to be a financial wizard to save and spend your money wisely. Learn more from financial expert Dara Duguay’s insight by reading the articles below.

Celebrities Who Can't Get a credit card. The amount of money you earn isn't what's important. What matters is how you manage it. Read the full article>>
Sneaky Ways to Save Cash. Self. The dreary economic climate has a silver lining: It's forcing women to get smarter about how to save and spend. Use these tips to stretch your ATM withdrawals further than you thought possible. Read the full article>>
College Grads: Hold Off on Living Large. LA Times. The first few years are crucial for getting debt and savings on track. Waiting can be costly. Read the full article>>
Money Makeover: "We're Sick of Struggling!" Redbook. Nancy and Dennis Lovato have played by the rules - they've worked hard and steered clear of credit card debt. But with mounting medical bills and missed mortgage payments, they feel steps away from bankruptcy. Our money expert has tips. Read the full article>>
Is your 401(k) OK?Real Simple. There's no need to carry your retirement savings around in a piggybank. Read the full article>>
Strategic Spending in the New Economy. Media messages about the recession have caused even the most prudent money manager to take a second look at managing their money. Read the full article>>


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